LIMBO The Magical Top That Spins For Hours!

Created by Fearless Toys

We have finished our successful crowdfunding campaign and we are now working towards the mass production phase. With ~1.2M USD raised from ~14K awesome backers, we will make LIMBO a great product. You can still enjoy our pre-order prices and deals below Thanks, The Fearless Team

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Tue Aug 2 '22 Announcement
12 days ago – Tue, Aug 02, 2022 at 04:40:38 AM

Hi all,

80% of all orders have been shipped, and that absolutely means nothing to you.

You either have a LIMBO, or you’re still in limbo. Yes, we acknowledge this “LIMBO is in limbo” joke.


If you’re in limbo

Your LIMBO will leave our warehouse in the next 10 days (max), the best you can do at this point is to check your Backerkit profile and make sure your survey is locked and the address is OK. Very soon, on one of your random page refreshes, you will see your tracking number. After you get your magical number, please find something meaningful to do with your time, it will help with your patience.


When you get your LIMBO, please please please press the reset button to wake LIMBO up before you give it a spin. If you’re not sure which button is the reset button, be fearless, and press both buttons, they do nothing at this point (hmm… maybe they will do something in the near future???).

You can also try to remember this image from the last update:



If you have a LIMBO

Enjoy, experiment, spin LIMBO on surfaces you didn’t know existed, send photos, do time-lapses, dance in the rain… It’s your life, just keep LIMBO safe, we want all LIMBOs to spin safe and happy.


How to Open LIMBO

We know opening LIMBO is not the most straightforward task, but here are 2 tips to make it easier. 

1. Use rubber gloves. 

2. Tap it a few times on wood or hard plastic as seen in this video:



Improve smoothness

Now that you have LIMBO, you might understand what we talked about in the last update. Don’t remember? You’re the reason this update is so long.


You can Improve spin smoothness by changing the orientation of the mechanism inside the bottom metal shell. Experiment with different angles, when you find a spot that you like, you can mark it for future use:




Your LIMBO turned out to be much more expensive and valuable than we planned for 2037 reasons, just to name two: chip prices rose through the roof, and COVID made labor costs much more expensive.


LIMBO's price will increase with time, but we want to try and keep prices as low as we can for you guys, so we created a coupon code that will work for as long as there is a LIMBO spinning somewhere: ‘IMABACKER’.


Important info:

  1. This is our new and sexy website -
  2. This is the discount code - IMABACKER.
  3. It will work only if you checkout using your Indiegogo email(!). If you need to change it please let us know.
  4. If you have a LIMBO you must know by now that it’s the perfect gift.

This code will magically grant a 20% discount on all items till the end of August 2022, and 10% (minimum) for life.


Thank you all for this journey, and special thanks for the warm feedback we are getting.


The Fearless.

Tue Jul 12 '22 Announcement
about 1 month ago – Tue, Jul 12, 2022 at 06:32:16 AM

Hi all,

After getting excited from pictures of carton boxes loaded to trucks, let's talk (tracking) numbers.


Delivery is in progress! …. [Dramatic pause for applause] ….

Starting a few days ago, LIMBOs have started leaving the (fulfillment) building.

We plan to ship 1000-1500 LIMBOs per day, so all will be shipped within the next 2 weeks.


Tracking Numbers

Every package that gets picked up by the courier receives a tracking number, we will send them daily using the Backerkit system.

You can also look for the tracking numbers in your Backerkit profile (starting tomorrow), you can login here:


LIMBO around the world

First LIMBO in Italy and the first photos we received from a backer, this LIMBO was sent 3 weeks ago as a part of our smoke test for our delivery system.


We would really like to get photos and videos from you guys, we are thinking of ways to reward awesome pics that you'll send us. This backer will receive another LIMBO for his amazing photos (we will share the others on our new Instagram page).

We'll update you about it in the next update.


Changes in address

We are after the buzzer, but if your package didn’t leave the warehouse yet we may be able to catch it in time, so please let us know ASAP.


Important tips!

We will make a video with all the tips and tricks soon but here are the important ones:

1. First use:

You must press the reset button to wake up the electronics, it’s written on the manual disc but we know many would ignore it:

*After the first reset you can press the buttons to check the battery level, but rather than that you can use LIMBO without using them at all. You can find more info about the buttons in the manual booklet.


2. Love your LIMBO:

  1.  Always spin LIMBO in safe and obstacle-free environments.
  2.  Save the packaging, it’s a great place to keep the metals when LIMBO is charging and to carry it on the go. Additionally, whether we succeed in the next few years, and whether we won’t, this is the first batch of LIMBOs and it will become a collectible item, so packaging is always important.
  3.  Experiment once you get the confidence, try spinning LIMBO on different surfaces (paper, your phone, metals, different fabrics, etc) and study its behavior, you can listen to the motor strength by getting your ear closer to the top, if it's loud LIMBO will spin for less time and vice-versa.

3. Improve smoothness - Some people like a spinning top that spins smoothly and some like to see it wobble, you can achieve both by changing the orientation of the mechanism and the bottom metal part. When you find a spot that you like, you can mark it for future inserts (use a permanent marker):

4. Opening LIMBO - Not the easiest task, but after you get the hang of it, it won't be an issue. We didn’t want to compromise LIMBO’s shape by adding features that will help with the opening but gives out LIMBO’s secret. The first tip is to grab both metal parts by the rim, and not use the stem:

If you feel that it is too hard to open or too slippery, you can use rubber/latex gloves and LIMBO will be open like magic.

Another thing that might help loosen the screw if you feel it is stuck, is to tap LIMBO against a soft surface that won’t damage the metals, wood is perfect.


5. Enjoy! Use LIMBO to amaze others. Don’t give away LIMBO’s secret easily, make them sweat! Most will say “yeah it’s magnets” …well … nope, make them try harder.

Before performing your gig make sure the surface you are using is good for LIMBO, sadly most tables are not flat and if LIMBO will fall from the table it won’t be magical. Additionally, let them spin LIMBO and congratulate them on their great spin that lasts a long time, like this update.


We really hope that it’s the last update that you are "LIMBOless". We have lived without LIMBO for most of our lives, and with LIMBO in the last few years, with LIMBO it’s much better.

And on a more serious note, it took more than 5 years to get to this point, we hope that it was worth it, it all depends on your feedback.

Thanks for everything! The Fearless Team

Mon May 9 '22 Announcement
3 months ago – Mon, May 09, 2022 at 05:27:15 AM

Hi all,

We are 2 weeks from D-Day (delivery day) and most of the LIMBOs are already on pallets waiting to be delivered to the fulfillment center.

Here’s what we can share from the production line:

As you can see, each LIMBO is being tested several times to make sure that the buttons work, the battery level is high, the metal parts are flawless and clean, and most importantly that it keeps spinning at optimal speed.


Many of you asked for photos of LIMBO on different bases, so we made this photo matrix where you can see all the possible options:

*In real life the difference between matte and shiny black is more noticeable


A Request to our Korean and Taiwanese backers: packages sent to your countries need to include the customer’s tax-id and full address in the local language for all shipments. We will contact you asking for that information in a separate email.

谢谢 / 감사해요 *google translate


The next update will be in about 2 weeks when we start the delivery, it will include tips and tricks for maximizing your LIMBO experience.

Best, The fearless


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Mon Apr 4 '22 Announcement
4 months ago – Mon, Apr 04, 2022 at 06:03:14 AM

Hi all,

As always, small delays (Covid is back in China, our factory shut down for two weeks) but we are back on track and should finish production by the end of the month.

We wanted to clarify a few things about our previous update.

In the last update, we wanted you to confirm that your address and credit card information in the survey is up to date.

The credit card information is only relevant for backers that added items in the add-on section. When we charge your card, the name “BreakingGames” will appear on your credit bill, they are our partners and will be handling credit card processing on our behalf.


We are locking each survey once you confirm your address, if you haven't done so yet, please do it ASAP using this link:

If you need any assistance or have any questions feel free to send us a message or contact us at

Thanks for being with us on this journey, we can’t wait to get your feedback.

The Fearless.

Mon Mar 7 '22 Announcement
5 months ago – Mon, Mar 07, 2022 at 06:17:12 AM

We don’t want to jinx it, but it looks like production is actually happening!


What’s Done:

  • All the aluminum parts are ready and were polished or painted (depending on the model).

  • All PCBs were assembled and loaded with the final code.

  • All plastic parts were produced.
  • Packages are in the making.
  • New molds for the bases are ready (the old ones had issues).
  • Final Titanium samples were approved and CNC will begin in the next 2 weeks.

What’s left

  • Assembling the PCBs with the plastic core.
  • Connecting the bearing balls to the aluminum body.
  • Producing the bases.
  • Assembling and testing the final tops before packaging.

We estimate that all LIMBOs will be ready by mid-April and start shipping in May.

Important notice for all backers: 


Most of you filled your Backerkit survey beautifully, but it was a long time ago. We want to make sure that the address you provided us back then is still relevant, so please use this link to login and approve your address. It Should take 1-2 minutes tops.

We will lock the surveys on March 21st so the next 2 weeks are the last chance to approve your address and make any changes or add more LIMBOs to your order.


As before, we highly recommend getting a base with your LIMBO, it will help you keep your LIMBO safe and will prevent falls. 


Best, The fearless Team.