LIMBO The Magical Top That Spins For Hours!

We have finished our successful crowdfunding campaign and we are now working towards the mass production phase. With ~1.2M USD raised from ~14K awesome backers, we will make LIMBO a great product. You can still enjoy our pre-order prices and deals below Thanks, The Fearless Team

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Sun Nov 18 '18 Announcement
over 1 year ago – Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 07:58:07 AM

Hi LIMBO Believers,  

There is too much to update, we’ll try to make it short.

First, most Frequently Asked Question: Why 1,000 units?

Well, that’s the minimum batch that the metal factory requires, in order to make sure the machinery runs properly for mass production. We didn’t create 1000 fully assembled LIMBO’s.

During the last few weeks , our focus is on testing the final design and making sure that each LIMBO that is leaving our warehouse will be a 100% perfect. This is crucial for us, as we believe in quality first and will not settle for less!

Here are the main aspects and our progress: 

Final Shape and Expert Coating -  

We are very pleased with what we see :), we tested 1000 units and they all passed their test, The challenges were to make sure that there are zero variations between all the tops, and that coating is robust and the ball-bearing fits perfectly.

Attaching the Ball-Bearings

Our original plan was to use glue, it works well in small scales but in mass production, we’re afraid that the glue will get the bearing ball dirty, consequently will create an offset.

We decided to mold a new plastic that will hold the ball bearing in place without gluing it. We already tested this method using CNC and it works great. The plastic functions as a shock absorber, so when you drop the top from few inches high, it feels like its landing is much smoother.

BTW, the ball bearing can be magnetized so you can even spin LIMBO on magnets, ( Additionally, special feature: it even magnetically spins upside down!):



This is the main and most important bit, the motor is the heart of LIMBO and it’s the most crucial component.  

Till now we used a standard motor with few modifications. It works great but when we tried modifying a big batch, there were too many defects. We wanted to use this opportunity for an upgrade so that we can all benefit from this process:  

We have a contact at one of the largest motor manufacturers in the world and we have decided to go forward with manufacturing custom motors there, with the adjustments we need.  

We can’t begin to explain how big of an improvement this is. It’s like having BMW develop and manufacture a custom motor for your own specific needs.

In the last year, prior to the Kickstarter campaign, none of the factories we approached were willing to go through this process with us. So you guys deserve all the credit for showing them the potential in LIMBO.

We already started this process and it can take up to 60 days in total, we hope to get it done much sooner.

Other Stuff

Electronics, Packaging, Keychains and all other stuff are ready and waiting for the motors and the new plastic part. Once we get these done, production will take 2-3 weeks.

To Summarize

We are super excited to have done this testing batch, however, like in any new product, we found few things that we need to improve, but better now than during the mass production or after we deliver.

For now, the delivery for the KS backers will be delayed for a few weeks, and hopefully we’ll be ready to ship during January 2019.  

At the moment, this delay shouldn't affect the delivery date

The Survey will be sent once we know the exact shipping date.

Thanks, and as always, be Fearless!


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Thu Nov 1 '18 Announcement
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Nov 01, 2018 at 08:15:06 AM

Hi All,

Quick update, a few days ago we wrote an update on our Kickstarter page, Please take a look here.

If clicking on links is not your thing, here’s a spoiler...

We are crazy busy now with preparing for manufacturing as we want to make the first batch before the Holidays.

We are now making a mini batch to find our weak spots before going on mass production:

We'll keep you posted on the results and share more pics on the next update.

And as always, stay Fearless!


The Fearless Team

Thu Sep 20 '18 Announcement
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 05:09:48 AM

Hi all,

Thank you so much for backing LIMBO and being a part of this amazing journey. As you probably know, we started on Kickstarter, but your support is not taken for granted.

We are keeping good progress till now, and our goal is to release the first batch during December-January.

We will try our best to Deliver your LIMBOs on the first batch, the products of course, will be similar, so everything on the Kickstarter page applies to you too.

We recommend you to go over the Kickstarter’s campaign page and read through our previous updates and backers Q&A’s, you’ll find there some great info about LIMBO.

In future updates, the updates on both platforms will probably be the same, unless we will have news that applies only to one of the groups.



We will be using the service of backerkit, during November, you will receive an invite to your personal survey.

With the Survey you would be able to:

- Update your shipping address.

- Select/Change the colour of your LIMBOs/Bases.  

- Add more items.

Thanks again, we are doing everything we can to deliver the magic of LIMBO to your hands as soon and as awesome as possible.


The Fearless Team.


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